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Re-Seller - Free Sample Pre-order (Refundable Deposit)

Re-Seller - Free Sample Pre-order (Refundable Deposit)

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Distributors, dealers & retailers we'd love to partner with you. 

Because we are a small start-up we kindly request a $250 sample deposit that will be refunded upon 1st PO.


List $99 with healthy distributor, dealer and retailer margins.  

*Ships spring 2024 (worldwide)


The ultimate travel sign.  3.5lbs  /  1.6kg

Write or add posters, then display.

Easy travel/store/ship  


Securely holds two 24x36” or A1 posters (not included) of any thickness or material. 

Medium white chalk-marker (included) 

Tent pegs (included) 

Wind Weight/carry tube (included) 


All weather

Easy wash

Feather light


Free-standing or hangs.


Very Safe, very durable


Part recycled materials   

Zero packaging

80% less emissions than other same sized sign boards when manufacturing and shipping.


enquires to 

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